Magical Thinking and Pretend Play

File_003 (2)

Mr. Fruit Snail

This is the Mr. Fruit Snail! He lives inside his shell in a blueberry field. He grows fruit on his snail shell and gives them to special people in need of a healthy snack. He never stops working because of his reliable snail engine never breaks down. Mr. Fruit Snail likes every kind of fruit from all over the world, but his favourite is a watermelon. Mr. Fruit Snail is little bit old, so he travels at a slightly slow pace but he is very friendly to young children and loves it when everyone is eating healthy.

An element of design in this magical creature is MASS or VOLUME. The white-out container used to create the snail shell is a three-dimensional solid object. The white-out creates depth due to the values created by its volume. This yellow plastic object is a mass that compliments Mr. Fruit Snail and is a necessary feature of his composition.



I believe that magical thinking is enabled through imagination. This type of thinking enables both children and adults to create products that are not always realistic or common. This is a stuffed rabbit that I made using fuzzy socks, stuffings and buttons. Since it was handmade using needle and thread, I often used to imagine it coming to life, just like Pinocchio. I enjoyed the process of taking inanimate materials and turning it into a different product. This rabbit is very patient, and she likes to sit on the top of my drawer and wait for me to get home everyday.

An element that can be seen from this stuffed rabbit is texture. Texture describes the certain quality of the object’s surface that can either be observed or felt by hand. This stuffed rabbit has made from soft and fuzzy material which gives it texture. 



From first glance, this may appear as an ordinary image of earphones. However, by using your imagination it can become so much more. If you look closely, the earbuds are the eyes/antennas and the loop of the wire is his mouth. This is an alien who is trying to live on planet earth. His name is Ned, and he is disguised to hide his true identity to humans. Ned speaks English and he loves cozy, small spaces such as pockets, pouches and small bags. He is a very shy alien who does not like to interact with humans very often, which is why he is an alien in disguise.

An element of art present in this image is LINE. Lines can be used to contour or outline shapes. The earphone wires are lines that create an outline of a the alien’s mouth and face. The lines or slits on the earbuds create the perception of eyeballs. 


Children are naturally imaginative and love to pretend. Educators should take this to their advantage and use activities such as these to push children’s creative boundaries. This activity is simple and accessible for all, but works the brain to its creative limits!

Example: Use magical thinking to transform these regular objects into whatever your mind wants them to be!



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