Make a Statement! Guerrilla Art!

Post it notes, Pull-tab flyers and Good luck bunnies: Sharing Good Karma!

-HANA, JESSY & JOANNA- As guerrilla artists, we decided to use simple materials such as post-it notes, paper and markers. Each of us used guerrilla art to spread encouragement and positivity within the school community for the Ryerson student body during this stressful exam season! Guerrilla art is designed to make a statement, therefore the use of vibrant colours is effective. All three of our guerrilla art pieces were colorful and eye popping.

The Happy Notes: Sharing Good Karma!

“I find myself spending most of my time in the library which is what inspired me to post sticky notes with words of encouragement in the Ryerson Student Learning Centre” -JOANNA-





The Encouragement flyer: Sharing Good Karma!

“I decided to make a pull-tab flyer and post it on a wall in the Ryerson hallway. Each tab has a word describing what I thought would be currently needed by students. I created this guerrilla art hoping that whoever rips off a tab feels the effect of the word that they take!”


The Good luck Bunny: Sharing Good Karma!

The Process

“I was initially inspired to use origami as a form of guerrilla art during a origami folding activity. Rabbits are signs of good luck and I used the symbolism of the rabbit as inspiration for my guerrilla art” -HANA-

The art was placed in 3 locations on the eighth floor of the Ryerson Student Learning Centre.

Location #1: “Good luck on your exams!” was written on the white board and two origami bunnies with “good luck bunny” written on the body were placed on the ledge.

Location #2: Origami bunnies were placed around the door frame of a study room. The statement “Feel free to take a bunny” was written on post-it notes and placed on the door.

File_002 (6)             File_001 (9)
File_003 (4)

Location #3: A different versions of the guerrilla art installation was placed inside another study room.


Pattern is an element that can be seen through all three guerrilla art creations. Patterns are created when colours, shapes, textures, or lines are repeated. In Hana’s guerrilla art, the identical origami rabbits create a patterned design on the frame of the door. The tabs at the bottom of the Jessy’s flyer make a pattern, as there is a repetition of lines made by the cuts in the paper and words written vertically on each tab. In Joanna’s art, pattern is created in the consistent use of the orange post-it note.

The process of guerrilla art making promotes creativity because it requires the artist to think outside art boundaries in order to convey a specific message. Walking through the Ryerson campus, we stopped to view the guerilla art done by different students and were able to receive inspiration from them. Like ourselves, guerrilla art can promote creativity in others as they stop to think about what the art is trying to convey or even be inspired to create their own guerrilla art.  -HANA, JESSY & JOANNA-

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