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We believe that art is art is about like an adventure. It is the process of creating art that counts, not the product. We believe the process of art allows children to make open explorations and deepen their interest and knowledge in the field of art. Instead of sitting in desks and being given blank sheets of paper, our blog provides suggestions and ideas to provide the children with enjoyable and creative experiences not only inside the classroom, but also within their community and environment.

We hope that this blog can become a helpful resource to inspire students, educators, and caregivers about children’s art education.  

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-Joanna, Hana & Jessy-


IMG_0087About Jessy

Hello! My name is Jessy and I am a second year Early Childhood Studies (ECS) student at Ryerson University. Visual art was always one of my favorite hobbies and subjects in school. I believe that art is a fundamental way of teaching children how to express themselves and expanding their creativity. In the future, I hope to provide children with the same – if not better – opportunities involving the arts that I was fortunate to have as a child. I hope you enjoy our blog, and thank you for visiting!


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About Hana

Hi everyone! My name is Hana and like Jessy, I am also a second year ECS student at Ryerson. One of my many passions is art! I have been doing art for the most part of my life either as a hobby or studying it. Due to my positive experiences, I believe that art is a domain of learning that is beneficial for all children. I believe that every child and educator is an artist and I believe this idea should be instilled in anyone working with young children. I hope you find this blog informational and inspirational for teaching art to children!




About Joanna

Hi there! Nice to meet you, my name is Joanna Lee. I am a second year student enrolled in the Early Childhood Studies program at Ryerson University. From personal experiences, I have come to understand the importance and value of arts education for children. I believe that visual arts can be incorporated and integrated with other domains of learning in the school curriculum. My goal is to become an art educator who is able to support and foster all children’s creativity through meaningful art experiences. I hope you enjoy reading our blog, we appreciate you stopping by!